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One university, three libraries

The University of Groningen Library has three locations; one general location and two faculty specific locations. At our libraries, you can find a quiet place to study, textbooks for your courses, and a large amount of academic journals. The City Centre Library, also known as the University Library serves as an information centre for the entire academic community in Groningen. The other libraries are mostly used as information centres for education and research for the faculties. Every library offers wireless internet access, places to study and facilities to print, copy or scan documents.

University Library
University Library

Most books belonging to the University are held in the University Library, commonly referred to by students as the UL. The UL is located centrally in Groningen, opposite the Academy Building. The UL holds about three million books and journals for students to use. In addition, you can consult digital databases from any of the University libraries. Besides academic literature, the UL also has 1600 places to study with minimal distraction. Finally, if you need to discuss a group project, or just want to take a break from studying, the UL has plenty of space to socialise and have a coffee or snack with your friends.

The two faculty libraries (The Zernike Library and the Central Medical Library) are more focused in their contents. They also offer places to study, but their selection of textbooks and journals is focused on the research field of the relevant faculty. All of the libraries serve as social centres too. Meet with your friends when you’re taking a break from studying and catch up while enjoying a hot drink or use the lounge areas to get the most out of your group meetings. Stay up to date on the latest news from the Library and reserve publications or textbooks from the comfort of your home with the Library app.

University Library
University Library

Studying 2.0

The University Library is constantly innovating. Currently, improvements are being made to make the library an even better environment for learning and socialising. While the entire project is not done until 2020, parts of it are already done and usable by students. A part of the project is the new “Learning Grid”. The Learning Grid was designed to meet student’s wishes, with emphasis on modern and flexible studying. There are places to use the computer facilities, private nooks and corners to discuss things in groups, mobile desks, and lounge areas. With adaptable curtains, you can create an environment that meets your needs at any moment.

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