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Mari Yoshida, Japan, Ambassador 2016-17

I am Mari Yoshida, currently working in Amsterdam as a Compliance Analyst in financial industry. This position is all about making this world a better place analyzing all kind of social problems, just as I wished I wanted to be while studying at the University of Groningen (UG)!

The academic experience at the UG will have life-changing effects on you. Trust me, I have been there.

You will constantly face the academic challenges which will develop you into a critical, evidence-based, knowledgeable, and convincing scholar. The sense of achievement you gain through these challenges will turn you into a confident, motivated, passionate and ambitious person.

Do not assume you are a lonely adventurer throughout this challenging journey as a UG student. You will be accompanied by ambitious classmates which creates the stimulating environment along your studies. Devoted teachers are ready to support your growth.

Furthermore, libraries with rich literature, student advisors, offices supporting your internships and exchanges abroad, special trainings, etc.; the UG is equipped with any kind of resources you need on the way. The more you seek, the more opportunities the UG is ready to offer you.

You are a foreign national in the Netherlands, but certainly not an “outsider” at the University. Its international atmosphere makes you feel the sense of belonging into a global community. You are not expected to assimilate into a certain way, but rather to bring your own unique experience and background as nourishing elements of discussions. The atmosphere in which differences and new aspects are respected makes the UG an ideal environment for international students.

Mari Yoshida
Mari Yoshida
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