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Natia Ubilava, Georgia, Ambassador 2015-16

1. What are you doing now, after finishing your studies in Groningen?

I graduated in 2015 with a Master’s Degree in Applied Social Psychology. After finishing my studies, I did an internship in Germany and came back to Georgia. I worked for public sector for almost a year and very recently joined International Organization World Vision that focuses on children’s well-being. I serve as an Evidence Base Officer. Apart from my full-time job, I’m involved in a national study on violence against women that is conducted with a support of UN Women. I believe my studies in Groningen helped me to be successful and connected internationally to the professionals of my field.

2. How was it to be an international student in Groningen?

It was a life-changing experience through acquiring cutting-edge knowledge of the field and exploring the cultural aspects of the country. The city itself is very welcoming to international students by creating a friendly atmosphere. Besides, almost everyone speaks perfect English and not knowing Dutch is not a challenge. University provides all the necessary support to international students to adjust and adapt to new environment at its best. There are many communities for international students to join and make new friends and acquaintances. Quite soon the city became like a home for me.

3. How did studying in Groningen change you?

Studying in Groningen gave me lots of possibilities and opportunities personally as well as professionally. I experienced student life that I have never experienced before. It made a difference in my understanding of quality education, interaction with students, lecturers, and host community. Apart from this, I became environmentally conscious, learned to ride a bike and recycling became a nice habit. Even though there are challenges, I’m doing my best to sustain environmentally friendly behaviour in my country too.

4. Would you have suggestions for dos and don’ts for new international students in Groningen?

I would suggest everyone to use the opportunities that the University provides. There are many events, conferences, workshops, colloquiums that gives a possibility to meet prominent researchers and professionals. By joining the extra-curricular activities, I was able to develop my self-confidence and make new friends. Besides, try to combine studies and travelling, explore the country, interact with locals and even though it is not obligatory take the free Dutch courses.

Natia Ubilava
Natia Ubilava
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