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Dhwani Srivastava, India, Ambassador 2017-18

1. What are you doing now, after finishing your studies in Groningen?

I am pursuing European Masters in Law and Economics. It's an ERASMUS programme that is structured for 1 year (including trimesters) during which I get to live in 3 different countries across Europe.

2. How was it to be an international student in Groningen?

It was very overwhelming. The people around make it so easy to adapt, that after a certain period of time, you no longer see yourself as an outsider or newbie. People in Groningen are open to all kind of differences which makes it even more attractive.

3. How did studying in Groningen change you?

Studying in Groningen made me independent, organized (I learnt to make an "agenda" and give appointments) :P, gave a new perception for healthy living and life. It has taught me how to balance my extracurricular activity with academics. Moreover, it has taught me to appreciate the European culture (for eg. Staying in a separate house from parents, something which is not common in the Asian culture, nor the Indian culture, handling things independently like fixing ta or bike, etc) even more.

Dhwani is the one with the blue dres
Dhwani is the one with the blue dres

4. Would you have suggestions for dos and don'ts for new international students in Groningen?


  • Engage in faculty level activities for eg, member of student associations, etc.
  • Travel and explore the Netherlands (It has more to offer than just Amsterdam)
  • Make as many friends as you can including natives and non-natives
  • Learn the native language, not as a compulsion but as an interest. Try interacting, even a few
  • words, on a daily basis so you don't forget.
  • Make the most of out of your Faculty, every faculty has so many things going on simultaneously.


  • Don't be afraid of trying new things, Dutch people are the sweetest, they never judge you.
  • Don't confine yourself to university classwork.
Dhwani is the girl on the down left
Dhwani is the girl on the down left
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