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Jingyi Liu 刘静懿, China, Ambassador 2016-17

1. What are you doing now, after finishing your studies in Groningen?

I am now working in M&A team of Deal Advisory in KPMG Advisory China, being an independent advisor on a range of financial transactions in different industries. The MSc Finance program in UG has assisted me in getting the job and being proficient at turning knowledge into value through my daily work, especially in outbound deals.

2. How was it to be an international student in Groningen?

As an international student, I received a warm welcome via telephone and email even before my departure. That experience motivated me to apply as an international student ambassador of faculty of Economics and Business at the beginning of the first block, during which I hosted a pre-departure webinar and assisted in answering questions from potential international students. Since the number of Chinese students is fewer than at universities of other English speaking countries, it gives me more chances to involve in Dutch lifestyle and communicate more and deeper with people from different countries. Besides the freshness and happiness, I also encountered difficulties that hindered my graduation. However, thanks to the study advisor Ms. Love, my thesis supervisor Pro. Doc. Mr. Dijkstra, the staff in charge of international student issues and my dear friends, I successfully received the master's degree and graduated. My experience vividly indicates that although I am far away from home, every international student would be well cared for and helped by the university. That’s also the reason I applied for the international alumni ambassador program: to share my experience and help other international students better enjoy the life in Groningen. When I came back to Beijing, everything related to the Netherlands reminds me of the wonderful time in Groningen, which is the best experience I have ever had.

3. How did studying in Groningen change you?

Study at the UG is one of my best choices I have ever made in my 25-year long life. The most important change in my opinion is being more open minded and thinking independently. The way of thinking, cognizing and perceiving different topics at the UG, and other students were all quite different from what I used to have before, which encouraged me to review what was rooted in my thoughts, try to understand the things beyond my cognition and develop a global, independent and critical thinking mode. I have tried to establish two attitudes now: do not judge others and do find solid sources before making any conclusions. The uneasy and even the struggling process of refreshing my perception and way of thinking is the most precious thing I have obtained during the study at the UG. Furthermore, the study abroad-life made me tougher and stronger. I am very proud of myself that successfully overcame all difficulties with the support of the University, my parents and my friends. This cherished experience strengthened my confidence in dealing with unexpected problems and being more positive and optimistic about the upcoming challenges in my life. Although the job hunting was very hard, the stronger and positive will helped me a lot in adjusting myself the best I could, to eventually got the offer from KPMG Advisory. In addition, as the best universities in the world, the excellent courses UG offers to students not only strengthen our knowledge accumulation, but also make us develop a scientific way of learning and analyzing, which is the whole-life treasure for all the students.

4. Would you have suggestions for dos and don’ts for new international students in Groningen?

Please do not always spend your time with the students from your own country and do make more friends and communicate more with them, which will deepen your thoughts and widen your horizons; Please do not escape from difficulties and deepen yourself into bad emotions or depression, do speak out and ask help from the University. You can find assistance from the study advisors, your faculty, the international student center or student desk, etc. UG is also equipped the psychologist for students’ mental problems. Your old way of learning may not work at the UG, so please do not feel upset and frustrated. It always happens with international students. Talk more with the lecturers, study advisor and other classmates, which will be very useful in adapting to the new environment as quickly as possible. Please do not forget to buy the International Student Insurance which will alleviate your pressure in case of physical problems.

Maggie Jingyi Liu
Maggie Jingyi Liu
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