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Tim Lefarth, Germany, Ambassador 2016-17

1. What are you doing now, after finishing your studies in Groningen?

I'm now working as a resident for trauma surgery at the Evangelisches Krankenhaus in Oldenburg, Germany.

2. How was it to be an international student in Groningen?

Studying abroad was a real challenge but in the end the effort paid off. The Student community in Groningen is very welcoming and due to sports activities and parties you get in contact with a lot of exiting people of whom many have become my friends.

3. How did studying in Groningen change you?

Studying in Groningen changed my views on a lot of topics. I came to get to know the Dutch culture and witnessed a lot of differences. To compare those differences with People from other countries was an ongoing, exciting topic. I would say being there for 6 years shaped my character and made me who I am today.

4. Would you have suggestions for dos and don'ts for new international students in Groningen?

Do try to get in contact with Dutch people from the beginning. It is really easy to get immersed into the international subculture in Groningen and that will happen anyways. But getting to know real Dutch culture is an exquisite experience!

Tim Lefarth
Tim Lefarth
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