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Hu Lanxin, China, 2012-14

1. What are you doing now, after finishing your studies in Groningen?

Now I am doing marketing research in China, specifically, in the central-south, west south and Shanghai area of China. After finishing my study in Groningen, I moved to Rotterdam. I started my career as Project Assistant in a large HUAWEI-KPN telecom project with multi-national colleagues in 2013-2015. Afterwards, I became a Defect Manager in the project in 2016. Following this, I worked as PMO (Project Management Office) lead in the project in the end of 2016. Before leaving HUAWEI-KPN telecom project, I became a Program Lead in the sub-project, NGBSS Business Across Culture program under the HUAWEI-KPN telecom project in 2017. Now, I would like to set up a business myself together with one of my friends, hopefully, to do business between the Netherlands and China. I am still located in Rotterdam with my wife.

2. How was it to be an international student in Groningen?

It was tough, insightful and fun. Tough: because of a high quality education at the University of Groningen, graduating or even aiming at receiving a high score in Groningen was tough. Insightful: because of the high quality education in Groningen, I needed to study and work hard to achieve the master’s degree in Groningen, the whole learning process was insightful and I studied a lot so that I could grow in Groningen. Fun: study in Groningen was not only suffering, but fun. I made a lot of international friends and I did quite some extra-curricular and social activities. It was an unforgettable experience in my life.

3. How did studying in Groningen change you?

I learned to live independently and to think independently. As an international student in a foreign country, I first had to study and live independently, because I was away from my family and friends in my home country without caring and support. In the meanwhile, I needed to try to adapt in a totally new culture and environment. It was not easy in the beginning. But afterwards, I gradually changed to adapt to a new culture and I made lots of international friends. Studying in Groningen developed myself, not only in the matter of study but to be a stronger and a mature person to live and to think.

I cherish the time in Groningen.

4. Would you have suggestions for dos and don'ts for new international students in Groningen?

Go to the right track. Do not give up. Getting out from the suffering and setbacks develop and strengthen you.

Hu Lanxin
Hu Lanxin
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