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Dilva Joya, Mexico, Ambassador 2016-17

1. Currently, I am a project coordinator at Stichting El Fuego in Groningen. I also have a part time job in HORECA and I am looking for PhD opportunities.

2. Being an international student in Groningen was an amazing experience, but it was also quite challenging (significant workload and demanding program). My classes were really interesting and the professors were very accessible as well as the university staff.

3. Thanks to studying in Groningen, a new horizon of possibilities has arisen for me. Here is where I found my interest in the energy transition towards a low carbon economy, a topic I'm passionate about and that is defining my professional career.

4. Dos: learn Dutch(!); bike as much as you can to other cities/towns; get involved in student organizations.

Dont's: do not wait too much to start arranging your accommodation... nothing else is really coming to mind. There are several tips regarding practical matters, but what I would say is that if you have the opportunity to study in Groningen, don't miss it.

Dilva Joya
Dilva Joya
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