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Interview student manager Roos ter Heijne

Student manager at International Student House Winschoterdiep
Roos ter Heijne
Roos ter Heijne

Roos is one of the student managers of an impressive student accommodation situated on the Winschoterdiep, not far from the city centre. The building houses around 380 international students, 85 of them living in the wing managed by Roos.

‘It certainly is a large building,’ says Roos, ‘but it feels more like a global village. Everybody helps each other and the students who live here call themselves the ‘Winschos’. There’s a real sense of community here. All parts of the building are also connected, which means you can walk through all of it without having to use a key once. It feels very open’.

Roos is a second-year student of International Business & Management. A friend drew her attention to the student manager job opening. ‘The social aspect of the job was an immediate attraction but it’s also a challenge, because you have to “manage” people your own age. And I also like to decide for myself what to do and how to do it’, she adds, smiling.

Roos has always been interested in other countries and other cultures. She has travelled a lot and spent a year in Spain studying Spanish. She speaks to a passing student in perfect Spanish, demonstrating that her language skills come in handy in the job.

‘People often make an issue of cultural differences but we never seem to have any problems. Everyone fits in and there is a real sense of community. It’s nice to experience that every day.’

Roos’s advice to prospective students is to keep an open mind. ‘Living abroad is one big learning experience, so enjoy it!’ She also has two practical tips:

  • Bring warm clothes. The Dutch climate isn’t very extreme so going outdoors is never a problem but for most of the year temperatures aren’t very high!

  • Cycling is the best way to get around town, so if you can, practise riding a bike beforehand.

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