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Interview student manager Jin Mingrui

Former student manager at International Student House Kornoeljestraat

Jin Mingrui is a former student manager at the international student house in the Kornoeljestraat, in the north of the city of Groningen. He is now in the last phase of his Master’s degree programme Operations Research, but he remembers very well being a first year student, living in a student house in the Van Houtenlaan.

The student manager of Van Houtenlaan helped Jin fix a problem with his bank account. He was very helpful and easy to approach, which inspired Jin to try and help other students as well. This is how he became a student manager. Jin very much liked his job as a student manager. “I have met many new people, also non-students, and I now have friends living in the same house, which is of course great.”

The student house at Kornoeljestraat has about 320 residents and only 2 common rooms, which means that the house is relatively quiet. There were 60 students under the guidance of Jin, and there were practically no noise complaints. Another great advantage of Kornoeljestraat is that the internet is superfast. “The internet here really rocks”, says Jin.

There are many nationalities in the house, although the majority is probably Chinese. For the Chinese students it has been very convenient to have Jin as a student manager, since he is from China too, and understands their problems perfectly well. Jin has been living in Groningen for five years now, and he practically knows every corner of the city.

Jin’s advice to prospective students:

  • Adopt a pro-active attitude. There is always help available, but don’t forget to take action yourself.
  • Learn Dutch. Although in the Netherlands almost everyone speaks English, it is still very useful to know some Dutch.
Last modified:26 November 2012 5.15 p.m.