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Interviews with student managers

Every house has its own story, and every story wants to be told. For an inside view of international student life in Groningen the best place to start is with these stories. International Student Houses in Groningen all have student managers, appointed by the SSH.

Marc de Vries

Marc de Vries of of International Student House Moesstraat

‘You get to know people from all over the world,’ says Marc de Vries, second-year student in International Business & Management and student manager at the International Student House in the Moesstraat. ‘During my studies I got in touch with other students from abroad right away. I enjoyed giving them advice and showing the way.’ So when the SSH was looking for student managers, it did not take Marc long to decide. ‘ > read more

Roos ter Heijne

Roos ter Heijne of International Student House Winschoterdiep

Roos is one of the student managers of an impressive student accommodation situated on the Winschoterdiep, not far from the city centre. The building houses around 380 international students, 85 of them living in the wing managed by Roos. ‘It certainly is a large building,’ says Roos, ‘but it feels more like a global village. Everybody helps each other and the students who live here call themselves the ‘Winschos’. There’s a real sense of community here'. > read more

Jin Mingrui of International Student House Kornoeljestraat

Jin Mingrui is a former student manager at the international student house in the Kornoeljestraat, in the north of the city of Groningen. He is now in the last phase of his Master’s degree programme Operations Research, but he remembers very well being a first year student, living in a student house in the Van Houtenlaan. > read more

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