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Representing the UG at a study fair!

How to: prepare for a successful career

Datum:16 januari 2018

While I was studying, preparing for my career wasn’t much on my mind. I focussed on passing classes I enjoyed, chilling with friends for hours on end and of course going out. Looking back, I wish I would have prepared slightly more - which would’ve saved me...


Konrad's Student Vlog: Food in Groningen

Datum:14 januari 2018

Hello guys! Check out our new vlog about food in Groningen. Our student vlogger Konrad visits the Vismarkt with his girlfriend to make some interesting meals. He also interviews other International Students about their experiences with food and food in Groningen...

Photo: Antonio Trucillo

#TheCityIsOurCampus: 12 to 14 January

Datum:12 januari 2018

Party Picks

About to have an underwater date with sharks and turtles at 'Divers Paradise'

Studying Abroad Right - the Student Perspective

Datum:11 januari 2018

The first semester is ending, so a lot of students are preparing to embark on one of the best student experiences: go on exchange. If you are one of these students, I bet you are feeling a bit nervous and excited, and are curious to know what to expect. If...


Marisha Student Vlog: #MyUGStory

Datum:10 januari 2018

Hi Guys! My name is Marisha Agarwal and this is my #UGStory. In this video I am going to talk about 4 things, namely “How did I find the university?”, “What made me choose the university”, “First Year Experience”, “Present Day: Second Year”

One of my favorite coffee spots!

Lets have a coffee break!

Datum:06 januari 2018

Hey! Coming to University includes taking exams and studying throughout the year, and I definitely also need coffee to fuel these study sessions. The University of Groningen has just renovated the University Library (UB) in the city centre, which is where I...

There's always time for Sushi!

#TheCityIsOurCampus: 5 to 7 January

Datum:05 januari 2018

Party Picks

On the "bakfiets"!

Going Dutch: Save Money!

Datum:04 januari 2018

Oliebollen at the Grote Markt!

2018 Bucket List: 25 things to do in Groningen

Datum:01 januari 2018


Happy New Years!

#TheCityIsOurCampus: New Years Eve in Groningen

Datum:28 december 2017

Let’s face it, the main reason you look forward to New Years is the party. Everybody is out - Even my grandma goes out to bust a move (and tries not to break her hip). But you don’t want to go to a lame party - for example where grandma is cutting shapes to...

First week in my new room!

The hunt for a perfect home

Datum:18 december 2017

If you are a prospective student about to start life at the University of Groningen or if you’ve already been studying in Groningen for a year or two and want to get to grips on how to secure the best accommodation during your studies, then look no further!...

Winterwelvaart near the canals

#TheCityIsOurCampus: 15th to 17th December

Datum:14 december 2017

Party picks:

Cycling around Groningen!

Why I chose Groningen

Datum:13 december 2017

Visiting FC Groningen!

#TheCityIsOurCampus: 8th till 10th of December

Datum:07 december 2017

University of Groningen in Hamburg

How to: Make the most of a University fair

Datum:06 december 2017

There’s more to visiting fairs than avoiding eye contact whilst trying to grab as many freebies as possible!

Dancing with my dispuut at SIB Gala

Student associations, should I join?

Datum:04 december 2017

I was just starting out my new life in the city of Groningen. It was my first time living so far from home. A big change, and change is scary for sure. I came here for my studies, but also so much more than that. I wanted experiences. Groningen is a melting...

Photo: Rawfare

#TheCityIsOurCampus: The weekend of 1 to 3 December in Groningen

Datum:30 november 2017

Nothing to do this weekend? We’ve rounded up the events in Groningen for the upcoming weekend (and some for next week).

My holiday group!

Celebrating the Holidays in Groningen

Datum:28 november 2017

When I was an undergraduate student in Pennsylvania, USA it was just a few hours drive to my home. I had the opportunities to go home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or any random weekend I desired. However, now that I am abroad I don’t have that option...

Photo: Jasper Bolderdijk

#TheCityIsOurCampus: This weekend in Groningen

Datum:24 november 2017

Nothing to do this weekend? We’ve rounded up the events in Groningen on the 24th, 25th and 26th of November.

Law-vlogger Lilia

#MyUGStory: Lilia

Datum:16 november 2017

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in to this video. My name is Lilia and in this video I'll talk about the University of Groningen and why I chose to study here.

Back in time in Volendam!

Exams are over – take a break and go on a day trip

Datum:14 november 2017

Happy days: the first exam period of the new year is over! The abundance of stress and lack of sleep has ended and no matter how your exams went, you deserve a break. So what are you going to do to celebrate? You can catch up with your friends; spend an entire...

Studying at the UG

How to study like a boss at the UG

Datum:25 oktober 2017

Moving to Groningen

Moving to Groningen! Now what?

Datum:18 oktober 2017

Moving to a new country may seem intimidating at first. You’ll be in a new place with new people, but you will also have a lot of new experiences to go along. When I first received my acceptance letter I was both excited and nervous--excited for this adventure,...

Preparing for Whalewatching!

Oh Canada!

Datum:11 oktober 2017

When I started my studies at the University of Groningen, little did I know that barely two years later, I’d find myself living, studying and travelling in Canada. But there I was, and going on exchange to Montreal turned out to be one of the best decisions...

Opening of the KEI-week

Starting your life as a student in style!

Datum:04 oktober 2017

As a guy from a small rural village, I’d been to Groningen a few times to visit the university before I started, but I wasn’t very familiar with the city. So I gathered two friends and together we signed up for the KEI-week, the yearly week-long event hosted...

Best things about the UG

The best things about the UG

Datum:28 september 2017

Over the years I’ve studied at the UG, I’ve taken and passed tons of exams, I’ve written as many essays and I’ve read thousand of pages of textbooks. I’ve walked and cycled the streets of Groningen countless times, tried every store in the city and I’ve been...

ESN week: party like the Dutch!

Your First Week in Groningen--ESN style

Datum:21 september 2017

Before arriving in Groningen, I signed up for the ESN Introduction Week to get to know the city and the international student community. After moving into SSH, the majority of my housemates were also participating. Although we were mostly separated into different...

Traveling like the Dutch!

Travelling like the Dutch: on your Bike!

Datum:14 september 2017

Noorderzon Festival

Don't miss summertime in Groningen!

Datum:07 september 2017

After a year's worth of hard work, cranking out essays and studying for exams until you start dreaming about your textbook, it’s finally time for summer! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been looking forward to the summer break since at least February. The...

Honours College

Honours College: for those that want a bit more

Datum:30 augustus 2017

Not long after I got my first taste of the University of Groningen, I decided to apply for the Honours College, a programme designed to add extra depth and breadth to the regular study programme. Four years later, the Honours College is responsible for some...

Boating around in Giethoorn!

Day trips you don't want to miss

Datum:23 augustus 2017

Although there is always something to do in Groningen, there are also some day trips you shouldn’t miss out on. The Netherlands is relatively small and easy to travel around.  My housemates and I would get group train tickets and take trips to Amsterdam, Rotterdam,...