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Danpaati project Surinam

Fa waka,

In August of 2017, a group of 20 students went to Surinam for the summerschool Danpaati project Surinam. In the period prior to actually visiting Surinam, we have had some interesting guest lectures about different topics, for instance about the general history, recovery of bauxite during the second world war, water pollution, and healthcare.

When we arrived at The Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport, the heat was getting to us immediately. Then, we were picked up by our guide for the whole week and we went to our first sleeping accommodation in the centre of Paramaribo, at Asewa ‘Otono (Bisdom Surinam). These first days, we could discover Paramaribo ourselves.

Thereafter, we went on a boat on the Commewijne river and visited former plantations “Werk & Rust” and “Frederiksdorp” – and in between we spotted some dolphins. This night, we spent in Frederiksdorp. Afterwards, we went deeper into the jungle, to Danpaati Lodge and Dan, which was our final destination; a long trip by bus and boat, but it was totally worth it.

In Danpaati, the final and main part of the summerschool started: we taught the children about subjects such as theatre and nature, and we went to a nearby village to help elderly people washing their clothes and cleaning their houses (“care project”). At the same time, this was a great opportunity to get to know how the “traditional” Surinam inhabitants live and about their cultural beliefs and values.

Then, unfortunately it was already time to go home again – the week has flown by.

Mo syi!

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