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Welcoming Ceremony for our new Master’s Honours students of the Honours College Master cohort 2021-2022

20 October 2021

On October 18th, the Welcoming Ceremony for the new Honours Master students took place in the Aula of the Academy Building. This marks the start of the Honours College Master 2021-2022 of the Master's Honours ‘Leadership: making the difference!’ programme.

About 100 students were welcomed during the celebrative evening, and the ceremony started in a cheerful atmosphere. In a warm welcome, the Dean of the Honours College, prof. mr. dr. Hanny Elzinga congratulated the new Honours students and expressed her delight to work with them. Following this, Eva Pantelakis, one of our trainers in the Personal Development Workshops, invited students to join in for a de-stressing exercise that gave students space to shake off all the emotions they accumulated. The Honours College study advisor, Derek van Zoonen, expressed his readiness to help students with their struggles whilst fostering their pursuit of knowledge. The Honours College alumna, Tabea Marie Zorn, shared her experience of being a former student of the Leadership programme in a delightfully comedic manner, making the whole audience rock in uniting moments of laughter. Finally, the president of the Honours College Social Association (HCSA), Manske Burg, welcomed the new Honours students. She also gave an introduction about the HCSA and invited them to join the association.

A charm of the evening was caught in a group picture taken on the red staircase in the central hall of the Academy Building, which is an Honours tradition. After a quick and refreshing break, the new Honours students participated in a fantastic kick-off workshop on leadership with Eva Pantelakis. The evening ended with a toast and endless sparkling conversations made between the new Honours students, staff, faculty coordinators, and the Honours team. The ceremony was a joyful and unforgettable experience for everyone!

Again, the Honours College would like to extend hearty congratulations and a warm welcome to the new Master’s Honours students!

More information
The English-taught Master’s Honours ‘Leadership: making the difference!’ programme is developed especially for students who want to get more from their studies. It is a programme of 15 ECTS  followed in addition to your regular Master's programme. It is a one-year interdisciplinary programme that is designed to introduce students to various aspects of leadership. The programme provides students the freedom to shape the content of it, by offering six components: writing a Personal Development Plan, Masterclasses, Leadership Labs, Personal Development Workshops, Leadership Sessions, and finishing a Masterwork. More information about the Master’s Honours ‘Leadership: making the difference!’ programme.

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