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Revista workshop: an entrepreneurship workshop by the Honours College

11 May 2022

It is not a secret that Honours students usually have a lot on their plates. Honours classes, additional assignments, evening workshops, additional extracurricular activities, and often student jobs next to it - no wonder why Honours students need to be dedicated to what they are doing in their daily lives. One of our Bachelor Honours students, Henry Daniels, has transformed his entrepreneurial spirit into a tangible project: Revista Coffee.

Henry co-opened his coffee shop located in a van, called Revista Coffee, in July 2021. Ever since, the place has been bustling with students, professionals, and passers-by, as Henry’s mobile coffee shop is strategically located at the Hereplein - traffic hub nearby Groningen central railway station. A blue van, parked in the quiet corner of a busy area, offers a picturesque view of the canal, delicious vegan pastries, and great coffee.

'Revista Coffee is the embodiment of my entrepreneurial ambitions' - says Henry. As a law student, Henry might not fit a coffee shop owner stereotype, however, it is the interdisciplinarity that brought him to this place. Through his personal efforts, such as joining the Honours College, Henry has kept on track with his aspirations and worked hard to open his business. Now, he is happy to share his knowledge and experience with others.

During the Honours College event, Pick-your-own talent (PYO-t): Entrepreneurship, students had a chance to win a workshop led by Henry in his coffee shop van. Three students won: Bridgit, Joe, and Doros, all second-year Bachelor Honours students. All three of them joined Henry on a sunny Saturday evening in his van.

During the 3-hours long workshop, Henry has introduced the students to the world of coffee beans, from their planting to roasting. The lecture phase was topped off with the ‘degustation’ (tasting) of fresh, vegan cake.

Henry invited students inside to show them how to use a professional coffee express, starting from grinding the coffee properly. Lastly, students learned how to foam milk and pour it into the cup gracefully. During the workshop, Henry shed more light on how he started his own business in the Netherlands as a foreigner. Students asked questions about his daily operations, time management skills, and future plans.

Bridgit, Joe, and Doros not only had a chance to get to know Henry, but they also met each other. Meeting students from different faculties is always a great opportunity to have a rich discussion on a variety of topics, from global politics to quality of education.

Finally, the evening came to an end, and everyone rolled out of the van, stomachs full of coffee and vegan lemon cake. The workshop at Revista Coffee was an ultimate success that will be remembered as a pleasant evening during which everyone had a chance to learn through each other's knowledge, not only about the coffee!

Check out a short video of the workshop on Instagram!

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