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Niels Taatgen elected Lecturer of the Year

28 January 2016
Taatgen and Couwenberg. Photos: Elmer Spaargaren.

Prof. Niels Taatgen has been elected University of Groningen Lecturer of the Year 2015. The professor of Cognitive Modelling at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (formerly known as the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) was awarded the Jury Prize on Education Day. Prof. Oscar Couwenberg, chair of the jury and member of the Committee of Deans, praised Taatgen’s talent to continuously stimulate his students and his enthusiastic commitment to the further development of teaching and the curriculum. The winner received € 7,500, donated by the COWOG Fund, a work of art and an invitation to develop and teach a course unit at the Honours College.

‘I am very honoured’, said Taatgen after the award ceremony. ‘It was already a great surprise to be elected Lecturer of the Year by the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and I never expected I would win the University Lecturer of the Year election as well! I look forward to getting involved in shaping the future of education. Educational change is a slow process, and there will be some major challenges ahead.’

Audience Award and Web Award

The Audience Award was won by Dr Erin Wilson of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, and Dr Riemer Vegter of the Faculty of Medical Sciences/UMCG received most votes in the internet election and thus won the Web Award.

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