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Blog: Wow, already 104 questionnaires! But we aim for more!

By: Jennifer Schijf, PhD-student at the University of Groningen
08 February 2019

During the Academia evening last November, I had the honour of participating in the panel discussing about academic careers and… of collecting my first data set for my PhD study! It was definitely great to see how many of you were willing to help me by filling out a questionnaire about their academic development. That night, after the great speed date sessions, I immediately started counting questionnaires. I could not be happier: 104 of you filled out a questionnaire. Thank you so much!

Time for the next step of my PhD-journey: data analysis. Those of you who read my previous blog know that I am sort of in love with SPSS, thus I spent part of my Christmas holidays on screening, cleaning and analyzing data. I found some interesting patterns and differences between for example faculties and between students who followed their secondary education in The Netherlands and students who studied abroad.

However, for the real hard core data analysis (this time in R, a programming language) I actually need somewhat more data. It would be awesome if we could add data from second year students who were not at the Academia evening and data from third year students.

In short: it would be awesome if those students who have not filled out a questionnaire yet, could fill out a digital one. For those who have missed my previous blog, this is what my PhD-project is about:

I am researching how talented Bachelor’s students (like you, honours students) academically develop themselves over the years. I am for example curious about their academic needs and whether the current education programmes meet their needs. Moreover, I will examine the choices they make in their studies and how talented students academically develop themselves over the years.

Let’s see if we can together reach 200 questionnaires!
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