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Dean's message: making holiday plans

20 July 2018
Honours College
Several times a year the Dean of the Honours College (Hanny Elzinga) writes a Dean's message, to give a glimpse into what is happening within the Honours College. This time it is about making holiday plans.

Dear Honours students,

Do you also have difficulties to choose sometimes? For example, what to do during your holidays? Where will you go – Scandinavia, Spain or Singapore maybe? Towards your family or not at all? And how will you travel: by bike, boat or airplane?

What do you enjoy during your holidays? Is it gaining new experiences, getting to know people, lazing around, wander through nature or exploring culture? Sometimes it is very useful to discuss your plans with friends. What are their experiences, what do they think is fun to do? They can give you surprising suggestions. For most students, lecturers and staff of the Honours College, the holiday is at hand and plans have been made.

In the past year and a half, we also have made plans at the Honours College. Not holidays plans, but plans for the near future. You can compare it to a trip: what are our (travel) goals? Where do we want to go? What do we need, and are we well equipped for it?

As you can discuss your holiday plans with friends, we also have discussed our plans with some of our peers. What is their perspective on education? Which experiences can they share? We have described our plans in a so-called Strategic Plan, accessible for everyone who is curious to read about it.

For now I wish everyone, students, lecturers and staff a very good summer break. May made plans lead to beautiful experiences!

prof. dr. H.K. (Hanny) Elzinga LLM

Last modified:21 August 2018 5.01 p.m.

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