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Education Honours College Honours Master

Why choose the programme?

"Always start with a cliché: Leadership starts by knowing yourself."

(Personal) Leadership - Getting familiar with well-known leadership theories while focusing on your personal leadership qualities. You will gain more insights in your strengths and weaknesses, train relevant skills and develop a view on what leadership means to you.

"It's not only about leadership. It's about the people you meet, the opportunities you get and the changes in perspective you obtain."

Going beyond your own horizon - Together with students and professors from different study backgrounds, you share insights on more complex issues than in your regular master. These issues benefit from solutions based on the shared input of everyone's study perspectives. This interdisciplinary environment enriches your own perspective at solving real-life problems.

"I wanted to put my knowledge into practice. I wanted to organize, not investigate. So that is what I did!"

Learning by doing - While the focus of your regular master may be mostly theoretical, this programme provides you the opportunity to gain concrete skills. No standard exams or scientific papers, but project management, contact with partner organizations: it's up to you!

"The organizations and inspiring speakers helped me to prepare myself for my first job: I felt more confident about what to expect in work life."

Getting yourself ready for your next chapter - The programme not only stimulates you to reflect on yourself and your leadership skills, but also helps you to figure out what may be the right working circumstances for you in the future.

If you want to participate in and excel during this programme, you are:

  • Willing to dive into the topic of leadership. Developing theoretical knowledge from different perspectives, as well as learning practical leadership skills.
  • Broad-minded. You are interested in people with different (study) backgrounds and want to learn from their perspectives.
  • Able to take the lead in your own development. You are proactive, flexible and enthusiastic about composing your own path in this programme.
  • Motivated to make a practical impact by focusing on real-life cases in the public, societal or private sector.


''I've always been curious about the topic of leadership but never focused on this during my study Biology. Now I have the possibility to not only follow courses but also experience with leadership myself!"

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