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Education Honours College Honours Master Master's Honours 'High Tech Systems and Materials' programme

Product proposal

Smarter use of materials? Enhanced functionality or improved usability of an existing product? Or a new product concept all together?

Whatever solution your team may invent, you need to convince a panel of experts before your team can move on to the next phase of the programme. Your team writes and presents both a product proposal and a plan of approach.

In the product proposal you provide information on all aspects of your proposed solution (what challenge does it solve, who is it for, what are the features, functions and look-and-feel of the product, how will it stand out from the competition).

These proposals are written in interdisciplinary groups.

The product proposal has to cover:

  1. the technological options for improvement (i.e. show that it is possible, and what the effects will be)
  2. the commercial demand for this improvement (i.e. show that people would buy this, so a company has a reason to invest in it)
  3. a financial plan for the development of the improvement.
  4. the competitive position in the marketplace
  5. the boundary conditions for mass manufacturing
  6. the critical design properties
  7. how it can be integrated in a winning Industrial Design

You will develop the product plan with the help of the so called Business Canvas Model – a strategic management tool, that allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model.

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