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Education Honours College Honours Master Master's Honours 'High Tech Systems and Materials' programme

Plan of approach

Smarter use of materials? Enhanced functionality or improved usability of an existing product? Or a new product concept all together?

Whatever solution your team may invent, you need to convince a panel of experts before your team can move on to the next phase of the programme. Your team writes and presents both a product proposal and a plan of approach.

The objective of a project plan is to define the approach to be used by the Project team to deliver the intended project management scope of the project . Each interdisciplinary team is required to indicate how the proposed solution will (effectively and efficiently) be manufactured and tested during summer school.

The plan of approach answers basic questions about the project:


  • What is the problem or value proposition addressed by the project?
  • Why is it being sponsored?


  • What is the work that will be performed on the project?
  • What are the major products/deliverables?


  • Who will be involved and what will be their responsibilities within the project?
  • How will they be organized?


  • What is the project timeline and when will particularly meaningful points, referred to as milestones, be complete?


The plan of approach typically covers topics used in the project execution and includes the following main aspects:

  • Scope Management
    • Project
    • Product
  • Requirements Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Financial Management
  • Quality Management
  • Resource Management
  • Stakeholders Management
  • Communications Management
  • Project Change Management
  • Risk Management
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