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Education Honours College Honours Master Master's Honours 'High Tech Systems and Materials' programme

Personal development workshops

The HTSM Master programme offers workshops aimed at teaching their students a wide variety of skills, which are useful both for the completion of the HTSM-track as well as outside of the programme.

To name a few examples, the programme features a class on brainstorming and workshops on giving and receiving feedback, in which you can learn to give feedback to your peers in a way that is both pleasant and effective.


The whole is more than the sum of the parts!

By intervision you will learn to

·       handle issues in a better/different way

·       track down other work methods and experimenting with them

·       use your expertise to help colleagues develop

·       discuss in a organized way personal dilemmas related to work with

Intervision is a form of discussion where in a group you will exchange thoughts about work situations with the aim being to learn from each other. The discussions can concern content-related, ‘technical’ issues, but also issues that are related to personal functioning. The members of the group meet regularly on a voluntary, equal basis.


In this master you will have to work a short period of time very intensively in a small team. It is very important to know your competences and those of your team members. If you know them In this class you will learn To be successful you will have to know yourself and the other team members so that you can make . In this class you will get some insight in your personal competences and how this will match with your team members.

Time management

In this class you we will help you understand where all your time is going and why. Best of all, you will learn how to recognize and protect your high-value tasks and make sure they are done well and on time.

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