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Practical matters

  • Where do I begin?

    If you plan to go abroad for several months during your studies, check the University of Groningen website for information on studying and internships abroad. You can also attend the International Day and the information meetings organized by your faculty. As well as collecting information, it is also important that you discuss your plans with your study advisor, so that you know for certain that the credits you gain can in fact be added to your study credits.
  • When should I start making preparations?

    It is important to begin preparing at least one year in advance, because grant and fund applications are subject to deadlines. Certain grants/funds have only one application date per year. You must also take account of the deadlines for the various exchange programmes. During any one year, you can apply only once to join one university exchange programme. More information about studying and internships abroad can be found on the website.
  • Is there a checklist with all the things I have to arrange?

  • How do I enrol in an exchange programme?

    You can register for a University of Groningen exchange programme through the International Office or the international officer in your faculty.
  • Can I sublet my lodgings?

    You may sublet your room for the period in which you are abroad via the Housing Office. In August/September in particular, there is often a shortage of furnished rooms in Groningen for foreign exchange students. The Housing Office arranges the rental and draws up the contract. For a small fee, you can also place an advertisement in the UK.
  • The International Student Identity Card

    Check whether this has any advantages for you.
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