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I will graduate soon. Will my tuition fees be reimbursed?

If you submit a request for deregistration due to graduation, you are entitled to a reimbursement of 1/12 of the tuition fees paid for each remaining month of the academic year in which you are no longer registered, except if you deregister as of 1 July or 1 August. No tuition fees are reimbursed for the months of July and August.

Please bear in mind that:
  • the University of Groningen cannot definitively deregister you until it has received the result of your final assessment and the judicium (passed your exams) from your faculty. This may take some time.
  • if you pay tuition fees via a direct debit mandate, tuition fees may continue to be deducted from you bank account. This will be compensated in the amount to be reimbursed later.
  • registration is terminated from the first of the month after the month in which you passed the final assessment (i.e. the date on your degree certificate). This may have consequences for your right to a student grant from DUO.

    For example:
    If your graduation date is in December and you submit a request for deregistration on the grounds of graduation in February, you will be deregistered as of 1 January. This means you will no longer be entitled to a student grant from DUO as of 1 January.
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