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Test examination


p phase of material and/or type of manipulation
-4 work with gas / powder in open system
liquid close to boiling point
highly splashing manipulation
-3 work with volatile nuclide (3H as vapour, iodine)
work with powder in a closed system
boiling of liquid in a closed system
shaking, mixing on a vortex, centrifugation
storage of gas in a closed system
-2 simple chemical manipulations (RIA)
labelling with nonvolatile nuclide
-1 brief very simple work:
- pipetting of nonvolatile nuclide
manipulation in closed system:
- eluting technetium generator
- puling up syringe
- labelling in closed system
- measurement on closed capsule
storage of radioactive waste in working area
q laboratory class
0 working area outside radionuclide-laboratory
1 class D laboratory
2 class C laboratory
3 class B laboratory

r local ventilation
0 table without local ventilation
1 table with local ventilation
fume hood not complying with NEN-EN 14175
2 fume hood complying with NEN-EN 14175
biohazard cabinet (class II)
3 biohazard cabinet (class III)
glove box
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