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Modern Migration Policy for students

According to the Modern Migration Policy students get a residence permit for total duration of their study programme plus three more months. In addition, students with a residence permit for study will need to obtain at least 50% of the statutory number of ECTS per academic year in order to keep their residence permit for the next study year.

NB. This information is only applicable to non-EU/EEA students with a Dutch residence permit for the purpose of ‘Study’.

What does this mean?

  • Enrolled for a full year
    A full academic year consists of 60 ECTS. To keep your residence permit you will need to gain at least 30 ECTS.
  • Ending/starting in February
    In both situations you will be enrolled for only one semester, which means a standard of 30 ECTS. You need to obtain at least 50% of 30 ECTS. This equals 15 ECTS.
  • Starting with a pre-programme (e.g. Pre-Master)
    For pre-programme students another rule applies; they will need to obtain all ECTS (100%) within 1 year in order to keep their residence permit and to be able to continue with their associated degree programme.
  • Finishing your studies
    If you need to obtain less than 60 ECTS in your final year of your study programme in order to graduate, you will still need to pass at least 30 ECTS per academic year. Obtaining only 50% of the remaining number of ECTS will not be sufficient. For instance, at the start of an academic year you only need to pass 45 of remaining ECTS before graduating. This means that you will need to pass at least 30 ECTS in that academic year, and if so, the year after you will need to graduate by receiving the remaining 15 ECTS.

When you have finished your studies or want to quit, your deregistration from the university will automatically lead to the revoking of your residence permit.

Reporting your delay

If you fear that you are going to suffer from study delay, always contact your study advisor to discuss the possibilities to get your studies back on track.

Moreover, it is very important that you fill out the form below as soon as possible after this delay occurs and wait for a response from one of the student counsellors from the Student Service Centre (SSC). Do not wait for (the results of) re-sits to fill out the form. The SSC will contact you in response to your form to discuss whether a further appointment is necessary.

The student counsellor from the SSC will assess whether you were able or unable to obtain sufficient credits due to excusable, personal circumstances. If they are of the opinion that you have a valid, excusable reason you will be allowed to keep your residence permit card and continue your studies, even if you have not obtained 50% of your yearly ECTS.

Keep in mind that the SSC counsellors will need physical proof in order to assess your situation. If your situation arose during the current academic year, the proof you provide to the SSC must be issued by a healthcare provider based in the Netherlands. In this case, documents from physicians abroad will not be accepted and/or taken into consideration.

Contacting the student counsellors does not automatically entitle you to an exemption from the study progress requirement.

NB. Filling out the web form is not a prerequisite for an appointment. If you wish to make an appointment with one of the student counsellors immediately, you can schedule one via ssc-info

Validity period of your residence permit

You will obtain a residence permit for the total period of your study programme plus three months, up to a maximum period of five years. If you are an incoming exchange student for one semester, you will obtain a residence permit for the period of that semester plus three months.


  • I was enrolled until 1 September, but now I want quit my study programme for a few months or years. Can I get a new residence permit to return to the University of Groningen to continue my study programme at a later time?
    Before the University of Groningen can apply for a new MVV and/or residence permit for you, there will be a check to see if you obtained sufficient ECTS durint the final academic year in which you were enrolled at the UG. If you did not obtain sufficient grades during that academic year, you would first have to prove that you had an excusable reason for that year. As proving this regarding a period in the past is very difficult, you are strongly advised to make an appointment with the SSC student counsellors as soon as possible while you are still actively registered as a student of the University of Groningen.
  • But what if my residence permit card is still valid for a few years?
    Even if your residence permit card is valid for a few more years, the University of Groningen is obliged by law to revoke your residence permit if your study results are below par (i.e. less than 50%).
  • What if I start in February?
    By the end of August you have been studying for one semester and you could have obtained a maximum of 30 ECTS. You should have obtained at least 50% of your credits, which is equivalent to 15 ECTS.
  • What about the BSA (Binding Study Advice)?
    What if your study programme requires you to pass at least 45 ECTS in the first year? In that case you will need to pass at least 45 ECTS to continue on to year two of your study programme. This automatically means you have gained enough ECTS to keep your study residence permit.
  • So if I pass 35 ECTS, but my study programme has BSA?
    In this case you will be allowed to study on with your current residence permit at the University of Groningen, but because the BSA will not allow you to continue your current programme, you will need to switch to another study programme.
  • My residence permit will expire soon, but I will not have finished my study programme by then.
    Because you need to obtain 50% of your ECTS, it is possible that you will not have finished your study programme by the time your residence permit expires. You will need to extend your residence permit. Please keep in mind that you can only extend your residence permit when you have obtained 50% of your yearly credits. You can extend your residence permit for the maximum period of one academic year per extension. In other words, if you need two more years after your residence permit expires, you will need to extend it twice. Extension applications will only be processed by the ISD, so if you need an extension, please contact the ISD.
  • I would like to continue my study programme at another university in the Netherlands. What should I do?
    If your current residence permit is still valid, you will need to report to the ISD that you will leave the University of Groningen. You have to deregister at the Central Student Administration and register at your new university. Please note that in order to keep your residence permit you should be registered at all times. This means that you should not deregister before you have registered at your new university, as this will render your residence permit invalid.
    If your residence permit expires at the moment that you transfer to another university, you should apply for an extension with your new university.
  • I am an exchange student. What does this mean for me?
    When you are an exchange student, you can only be here for the maximum period of one year. Therefore the 50% rule is not applicable to you.
  • I am currently enrolled or going to be enrolled in a pre-programme or foundation year. What does this mean for me?
    Keep in mind that if you started a preparatory year you will need to pass 100% order to continue on to the regular degree programme. Obtaining 50% of your ECTS is not enough in that case. If you did obtain at least 50% you can choose to leave the University or switch to another programme (this cannot be another pre-programme). Please do send the Immigration Service Desk (ISD) a message if you intend to do the latter.
  • I will start with a pre-programme, but it will take 2 years
    The MoMi policy has been implemented since 2013. It is possible that not all programme coordinators are aware of the consequences this policy has for you. Moreover, for students without a residence permit this has no consequences. Please contact ISD and your study advisor or programme coordinator to inquire the possibilities of an adjusted programme.
  • I am currently enrolled in a pre-programme, but I want to switch to another pre-programme. Is that possible?
    You are only allowed to start with a new pre-programme once you graduate from the associated degree programme. After having finished both your pre-programme and the degree programme, you will be able to start with a new pre-programme.

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