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Education Bachelor's Bachelor's international students Admission and application Fixed quota programme

Timeline selection and placement

1 October 2020 - 15 January 2021

Apply for a fixed quota programme via Studielink
You may only apply for a limited number of fixed quota programmes.

You are allowed a maximum of 3 attempts at the selection procedure. Past attempts will also count.

Check the selection criteria
You might be asked to provide extra information. This depends on the fixed quota programme you are applying for.

More information about applying, selection attempts and selection criteria

15 January 2021

Deadline for applications for fixed quota programmes

Previous education outside the Netherlands
Upload the documents required in the Online Application System before 15 January.

More information about the deadline

15 February 2021

Submit correct personal details
Your personal details must be verified by 15 February if you want to take part in the selection procedure.

More information about personal details

15 January - 15 April 2021

Selection period
This is the period in which selection takes place. The selection criteria and procedure vary depending on the programme.

A ranking of all the participants is compiled on the basis of selection.

More information about the selection procedure

15 April 2021

Results and confirmation of admission
The rankings will be published on 15 April and confirmation of admission will be sent via Studielink.

Accept your place within two weeks
If you do not, your offer will expire and the place offered to another student.

Lodge an objection
If you do not agree with the ranking, you may lodge an objection

More information about results, confirmation of admission and lodging an objection

15 July 2021

Deadline for providing proof of entry requirements
You must have provided proof of satisfying the entry requirements (or have asked for postponement) by 15 July.

More information about entry requirements

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