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Results, confirmation of admission and lodging an objection

The ranking numbers will be announced on 15 April 2021 and confirmation of admission sent to the students with places. Studielink is responsible for this.

If a programme has a maximum of 100 places, the students ranked number 1 to 100 will be offered a place. Students ranked number 101 and above will be offered places in turn, if other students do not take up the places.

Accept your confirmation of admission within two weeks!

You must accept your confirmation of admission via Studielink within two weeks of receipt.

If you do not, your offer will expire and the place automatically offered to another student.

Not accepted in time

If for some reason you were unable to accept your confirmation of admission in time, you can submit a request for admission in the following academic year.
You must provide evidence of why you were unable to accept in time.

If your request is approved, you will be sent confirmation of admission for the academic year following the year for which you made the request.

Failing your exams

If you fail the exams you need to be admitted to the programme, your selection attempt can be cancelled. This is only possible if you request the cancelling before 1 September. You will not use up an attempt and will be able to take part in the selection procedure in the following year.

Lodging an objection

You can lodge an objection to decisions relating to selection through the Central Portal for the Legal Protection of Student Rights (CLRS).

Objections must be lodged within six weeks.

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