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Applying, selection attempts and selection criteria

You can apply for admission to a fixed quota programme via Studielink. Applications will be accepted from 1 October 2020 until 15 January 2021.

Limited number of programmes

You may only apply for a maximum of two fixed quota degree programmes in one academic year, with the exception of Medicine and Dentistry.

This means that you cannot apply for two programmes in Medicine, but you can apply for Medicine and another fixed quota programme. For example: Dentistry.

Selection attempts

You will be granted one, two or three attempts at the selection procedure, depending on the programme.

Degree programme Selection attempts
Artificial Intelligence 3
Computer Sciences 3
Dentistry 1
International Bussiness 3
International Relations and International Organizations 3
Medicine 1
Psychology 3

You will have used up a selection attempt if you have an active application after 15 January, regardless of whether or not you actually take part in the selection procedure.

For more information about the number of attempts, go the programme page:

Number of registered selection attempts

If you took part in decentralized selection or a draw in the past, these attempts also count towards your total number of attempts.

You will see the number of selection attempts that you have used up in Studielink. If you think that the number of registered selection attempts at the University of Groningen is incorrect, you must contact the University of Groningen before 1 september via the form Selection and placement.

Check selection criteria

You may be required to submit extra information before 15 January. This depends on the fixed quota programme you are applying for.

Go to the programme page for more information about the selection criteria:

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