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Matching at the UG

Matching is a procedure for students who apply for the first year of a bachelor programme. If you want to apply in the year 2020/2021 for a bachelor without a selection procedure, you have to do this before May 1st 2020. That is a statutory requirement. When you have applied, you have the right to participate in a matching activity. During a matching activity you can find out if you and the study you applied for 'match'. Every study has a different matching procedure. After signing up for a study in Studielink you will receive a message with explanation about the process.

Matching is a way for the student to find out whether the programme that he or she has chosen matches with what the student wants and wants to do in the future.


Due to the coronavirus, you have till June 1st 2020 to apply for the first year of a bachelor programme for study year 2020-2021. After May 1st, you lose the right to participate in matching. However, where it is mandatory, you have to participate.

Mandatory matching

The following faculties provide matching for international students:

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Human Movement Sciences (Faculty of Medical Sciences)

You can apply in Studielink for a bachelor or a master. If you are applying as a first year bachelor with a Dutch diploma as a previous education, you will receive messages via Studielink about your matching process. If you have an international diploma, your admission will be handled by the Admissions Office and the admission board of the programme you are applying for.

The University of Groningen will allocate places for fixed quota programmes by a process of selecting students. For these programmes you don't need a matching procedure.

More information

  • Check out the frequently asked questions about matching
  • The procedures and data differ with each programme. For the exact procedure we recommend you to check the website of your programme (faculty) about matching or contact the matching coordinator of your faculty. You can eventually check the faculty page to check the faculty of your programma. The data about the matching activities for the year 2020-2021 will be shown in the beginning of 2020.
  • The Student Service Desk (SSC) can support you if you have any questions about studying and being a student after the matching procedure.
Faculty More information
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Philosophy
Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Faculty of Spatial Sciences
Faculty of Medical Sciences (matching only applies for Human Movement Science)
Faculty of Economics and Business

Questions about study choice?

The Student Service Centre (SCC) of the UG can support you if you have any questions about studying and being a student which are not directly related to your programme.

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