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After you arrive

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Settling in

Register with City Hall

Anybody staying in the Netherlands for four months or longer needs to register at City Hall. It is best to do this as soon as possible and you will need to register in order to obtain a BSN (social security number). The BSN will be essential if you apply for services such as a Dutch bank account and Dutch insurance.

Bank account

If you are not already resident in the Netherlands with a Dutch bank account, you will find it essential to open a bank account.
There are several banks in Groningen, but the ones that work closely with the University are:

Please be aware that different banks will require you to present different documents in order to open an account.


If you are staying in the Netherlands for longer than 6 months you are obliged to be registered with a general practitioner (GP) or 'huisarts' in Dutch. To find one you can ask your neighbours or your SSH student manager for advice.

Please take notice of the following:

  • In the Netherlands you are not permitted to go directly to the hospital unless it is an emergency. If treatment by a specialist is needed, you should first consult a GP, who will give you a referral letter. Remember to make a photocopy of the referral letter for your medical insurance company.
  • Remember to take your insurance papers with you whenever you visit a GP, dentist, hospital or pharmacy.
  • Do not forget to make an appointment before going to any GP's office.

Academic support

Academic advisors

Academic advisors play an important role in helping you make the most of your Academic journey while you are a student at the University of Groningen. They have offices in each respective faculty and are able to provide guidance, support and possible solutions to issues that might arise relating to your study at the University. Each programme at the University has its own Academic advisor and they can be found here.


The University of Groningen Library consists of the central library (UB) and a number of faculty libraries containing specialised information relevant to the faculty. Here you can find information about opening hours, locations and available collections.

Personal support Services


Details on finding accommodation in Groningen either via the chosen University provider SSH or alternative privately owned houses or flats.

Student support

The Student Service Centre has a team of trained professionals available to provide you with support on all non-programme-related issues arising throughout your time at the University.

Careers and employability

The University's Careers service is not just there for you after you graduate, they are on hand to provide guidance on how to develop your employability skills, make decisions for your future career and find opportunities for further study or employment.


Sports can play an important part in University life for those who have an interest in continuing to participate in a particular sport or wish to try a new one. Founded in 1945, the ACLO is the largest comprehensive student sports organisation in the Netherlands with 49 sports clubs (ranging from beach volleyball and rowing to rugby and golf).

An ACLO membership is great value for money and gives you the possibility of unlimited access to sports for the entire Academic year.

The ACLO has also recently added a second sports venue in the centre of the city, offering a wider variety of activities.

In addition to the University's sports facilities, there are also 59 student-run sports associations that you can join.


The best way to get around when you live in a city where 60% of all journeys are done by bicycle - is to buy a bicycle yourself. You can buy a second-hand bike at various locations in Groningen - including the bi-monthly public bike sale (information available in Dutch). All University buildings offer several bicycle parking bays (both indoor and outside), making cycling the most efficient way to get to and from the University.

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