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About your offer

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you on receiving an offer to study at the University of Groningen.

Types of offers

Your offer is based on the admission status that you currently hold. There are three types of offers:

  1. Conditional offers
    These apply to applicants who still need to fulfil one or more of the admission requirements. In order to be fully admitted and receive an unconditional offer, an applicant will have to satisfy the conditions for admission to their selected programme. This will need to be done before the deadline stated in your offer letter.
    For example, an applicant has a conditional offer when they still need to prove their English proficiency. Once the applicant has successfully passed and achieved the required results for the test, they will need to provide proof of this to the Admissions Office, i.e. by sending a scan of their final results by email. The admissions officer in charge will change the applicant's admission status.
  2. Provisional offers
    Once an applicant has fulfilled all the entry requirements for their selected programme, they can be provisionally admitted. A provisional offer will change into a full admission when the candidate has sent in all the required certified documents (hard copies).
  3. Unconditional offers
    The applicant has fulfilled all the admission requirements as well as provided their admissions officer with all the required certified documents. They have received an unconditional offer as well as a Decree of Admission (final unconditional statement). This statement is required to complete your University enrolment.

Accepting your offer

Please sign and return your confirmation of participation form to confirm/accept your place in the programme. The confirmation of participation form is the second page of your offer letter. There are no financial consequences applicable should you withdraw your acceptance at a later stage.

Deferring your offer

It is not possible to defer your application to the next academic year, as entry requirements may vary between academic years. You will have to submit a new application in both Studielink and OAS.

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Last modified:05 April 2023 10.59 a.m.