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Workshop for supervisors - Working with PhD students with dyslexia

This workshop is in English


Literacy skills are highly valued in our modern society. While reading and writing are generally considered subconscious and simple processes, some people inexplicably fail on reading and writing, and as such experience a lot of problems in daily life and in (higher) education. While some students just need some simple adjustments, others will get lost, especially during their thesis or PhD. Why is that? In this workshop we will give you more information about dyslexia and practical tips for supporting PhD students.

(This workshop is part of a series on supervising PhD students with special needs.)


Create more understanding for and insight into dyslexia: the different forms, the impact, practical implications, so you will feel more comfortable in supporting and supervising PhD students with dyslexia.

Intended for

Supervisors of PhD students


Topics that will be addressed:

  • Different dyslexia forms
  • The impact of dyslexia in higher education
  • Practical implications
  • Tips for accessible materials, writing and reading
  • Cases and discussion


Liset Rouweler (dyslexia center UG) and Nicolette Misran van Keulen (dyslexia coach)


This workshop has yet to be scheduled. If you are interested in this workshop, you can send an e-mail to hr-experts in which you express your interest. You will then receive an e-mail when the date for this workshop is known.

Course fee


Maximum number of participants



Anna Salzano (HR-Experts)

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