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Corporate Academy

Corporate Academy

Who wants to be the boss? Women’s paths to leadership

Course type: Workshop
Duration: 1 hour preparation, 3 hour workshop day 1, 3 hour follow-up day 2
Audience: All graduate students in the PhD scholarship program in 2nd & 3rd year
Module information:

Women are still underrepresented at higher levels of management, both inside and outside academia. In this interactive workshop we will discuss what leadership means to you, and what role gender may play in your experience of ambition and leadership potential. What can you do to become more empowered and bring balance to the current ‘imbalance’? We will do several exercises, link this to theories and what is known with regards to social norms and institutional mechanisms that can impact  gender balance in leadership roles, as well as how this intersects with other forms of diversity. By the end of the workshop you will have more insight and tools into what leadership means for you.

Maximum 12 participants. You must attend both days of the course.

Date and time: Monday 14 May 2-5pm & Monday 28 May, 2-5 pm
Location: Van Swinderen Huys, Oude Boteringstraat 19, Groningen
Registration: new dates announced soon
Registration Fee: -
Credits : 0.3 ECTS
Organisation: University of Groningen Graduate Schools

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