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Corporate Academy
Corporate Academy

University Staff Assessments

The Testing Unit of the University of Groningen Language Centre assesses the language proficiency levels of university staff (both teaching and non-teaching staff) on a regular basis. We take a task-based approach, focusing on the language skills that individual staff members require to do their jobs effectively. In this way, we ensure that all assessments are needs-related, and that the assessment process has a low threshold.


To make the outcome of the assessment transparent to all stakeholders, we produce a report in which the staff member is given detailed language feedback. We place each staff member into one of the following categories:

  1. Is fully equipped to perform his or her tasks.
  2. Is quite effective in performing his or her task, but would benefit from language support in some specific areas.
  3. Is in need of immediate language support.

We offer staff language proficiency assessments for English and Dutch.

Language level assessment English, University Teaching staff| CEFR C1

Description of assessment:

  • if already teaching through English: video record a lecture/ workshop given in English and send it in for assessment
  • if not yet teaching through English: prepare a short 10-minute presentation, deliver it to a small group of colleagues, and answer questions (5 minutes)

Language level assessment, University non-Teaching staff| CEFR B1-C1

Description of assessment:

  • writing skills (minute taking, policy writing, etc.)
  • speaking skills (presentations, coaching, chairing a meeting, etc.)
  • reading skills (policy documents, reports, etc.)
  • listening skills (attending a meeting, discussion, coaching session, etc.)


The price may vary depending on the number and type of assessments.

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Please mail to testingunit for more information.
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