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Stimulate your staff’s talent development

This training programme, which comprises one day, will help you to hold successful development interviews with your staff

How do you make concrete, result-oriented agreements with the people in your team? How do you give constructive feedback? How do you identify their talents as well as their pitfalls and points for development? How do you motivate your staff to get the best out of themselves? An R&O cycle is a powerful instrument for inspiring, managing, and developing your team members. This one-day training programme will teach you how to make it a success.


This training programme aims to enable you to hold successful R&O interviews and thus help your team members to get the best out of themselves and achieve the team’s goals. This programme is intended for managers who want to learn to hold R&O interviews in a constructive and inspiring way.


This training programme consists of a combination of theory and practice:
How to prepare the R&O interview (using a digital form).
How to link strategic aims to staff members’ performance.
How to make mutually accepted agreements.


By the end of this training course:
You will be able to hold successful R&O interviews that contribute significantly to your staff members’ optimal performance.
You will have learnt how to create openness and commitment, and you will be able to provide your staff with a clear vision and expectations for the coming period.
You will know how you can motivate your staff to get the best out of themselves in order to achieve their own goals as well as those of the team.

More information


This training has yet to be scheduled. If you are interested in this training, you can send an e-mail to hr-experts in which you express your interest. You will then receive an e-mail when the date for this training is known.


9am - 1pm


Academy Building, Broerstraat 5, 9712 CP Groningen
Building 1112, room 0034


Managers of academic and support staff

Group size   

Maximum of 8 participants

Languages of instruction    


Course fee   



Jan Pieter Weening, Weening Consult & Training

More information

Ruth van der Walle, trainer at HR Experts

This training programme can also be provided for teams on request.

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