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Singing at Zernike (choir)

Zernike Choir

Tuesday 23 January a new choir project is starting, which has as theme "Liberation". Three students, under supervision of Louis Buskes, teacher of het School of Music in Groningen, have prepared a number of pieces. In 12 rehearsals you are part of a choir that will give a splendid performance end of April.

You will get more information at the first rehearsal. Rehearsals are on Tuesday, 5 - 6.30 pm.

Singing is a good stressrelief and improves your immune system. Breathing is also increased while singing, this increases blood circulation. Furthermore, after singing for an hour, it is like having done physical activity. Several muscles are used while singing: in the upper body, core and back. Also the lungs and breathing muscles are trained by breathing from your diaphragm.

Antistress hormones and endorphines will increase in your body by singing, resulting in a happy feeling, increased antibodies in your bloodcirculation which is all beneficial for a better immune system. This is all shown by, among others, studies from Universities in Frankfurt and Göteborg.


Rehearsals : Brugsmaborg, Zernikeplein 9.

Performance: Atrium, Olst toren, Zernikeplein 7.


€55,- for 12 lessons and performance.


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