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Project-based work


You have been requested to lead a project. How do you approach this? Who do you involve in this? What role do you play as a project leader?

You are taking part in a project. What does this imply? How does this fit in with your daily work?

What characterizes projects within higher education, and how do you deal with this?

In this course, you will actively get to work with a project from practice. In just a few days, you will learn how to initiate, define and organize a project. We will delve deeper into the forces surrounding a project and your own role as project leader.


After this course, you will be able to independently initiate and successfully complete projects. You will understand the various roles that a project involves. You will become aware of your own style of leadership (including project leadership) and identify your own strengths and pitfalls. You will have more insight into the force field surrounding a project (including UG projects) and know how you can influence this. You will know what you need to look out for in the comprising of a project team and will become aware of the team dynamic.

Target group(s)

New or existing project leaders and staff members working on projects within the UG.


  • Essentials of project-based creating
  • Project definition
  • Project start-up
  • Creative structuring
  • Project organization and management
  • Activity plan
  • Project organization
  • Risk analysis
  • Force field analysis
  • Own style of project leadership
  • Team roles and dynamics
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Project communication
  • Project evaluation

The training course gives participants access to a virtual learning environment with practical information about the course, challenging practical exercises, the materials used, relevant formats and additional knowledge and inspiration.

In addition, every participant receives a copy of the book PMC Compact (in the English version of the course, this is Project Driven Creation).


Bart van Woerkom van Phaos

Dates and location

New data will be announced as soon as possible.

If you are interested in this training you can send an e-mail to where you express your interest. You will receive an e-mail if the dates for this training are known.


€ 1,050

This includes the study material PMC Compact (or Project Driven Creation)

Maximum number of participants



Jildou Spoelstra, Projectleider Duurzame Inzetbaarheid

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