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Presenting an NWO grant application (Veni)


Whenever you give a presentation, you effectively speak 4 languages simultaneously:

  • the language of words: the content of the message you want to convey
  • the language of sounds: the speed, articulation and intonation with which you utter this message,
  • body language: the facial expressions, use of hands and posture that support (or contradict!) your message
  • visual language: the use of slides or props to underline and highlight your words.

Unfortunately, not all presenters are aware of this quadrilingualism. They often focus entirely on the words, or text, although research shows that content conveys a relatively small part of the message.


At the end of the training:

  • you will be able to present the essential aspects of your proposal
  • you will have learned how to use your strengths to engage your audience  
  • you will know how to deal with all sorts of difficult questions

In short, you will be able to tell the committee in all four languages why your proposal is worth funding!

Intended for

Researchers who have submitted a Veni application to NWO in January 2020, irrespective of whether they have already received an invitation for an interview or not


The focus on Day One will be on the main message of your proposal, and how you can strengthen this message verbally and non-verbally. We will work on posture, voice, and the structure and comprehensibility of your presentation. On Day Two you will learn how to deal with tricky questions. We will invite a Vidi laureate who is willing to share his/her reflections on the interview and what helped in preparing for it. Finally, you will practice your presentation and Q&A session.


Eva Pantelakis, and Jan Pieter Weening

Course fee € 300,-

to be announced

Maximum number of participants

12 per course

Information and registration

talent – in subject line please write VENI PRESENTATION AND DATE OF COURSE.

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