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How to deal with intercultural differences in your team

Ask our expert

Are you managing an international team and do you need to work effectively across borders, whether they are actual or virtual ones? Are you experiencing problems communicating with those who operate from a different cultural frame, whether they are at the other side of the world, or in the office next door?

We can help you.

Michaela Carrière, expert in intercultural communication at the University of Groningen, is available to answer your questions on this topic, and invites you to join her in a conversation on culture. Together you can explore whether culture played a role in situations you had to manage and how to effectively handle similar encounters in the future.

Initially we will assess whether a cultural analysis is useful to address your concerns. If so, we will discuss possible solutions.

Contact us and request your appointment here!

Last modified:26 June 2023 10.34 a.m.
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