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Enjoying your work more by developing your talent

Would you like to work more effectively and enjoy your work more? Do you need help in handling high work pressure? Do you want to be successful in your job? Would you like to learn to deal with certain situations? Or are you looking for a better work-life balance? Managers and professionals can enter a coaching programme to give their work a new boost. A series of meetings will help you find out where your strengths lie and how you can optimally use them.


A coaching programme consists of three to seven individual meetings. You and your coach will discuss your personal work-related issues in great depth. How can you solve these issues in the best possible way? Your coach will not provide instructions or coercive advice, but will work with you on the basis of equality. Together, you will analyse situations and explore solutions, and you will learn how to put these into practice.


By the end of the coaching programme:
You will know what you can do to enjoy your work more.
You will have better control over your work.
You will know what you can do to prevent excessive work pressure.
You will have got to know yourself and your environment better.

More information

The qualified coaches at HR are able to provide support in both English and Dutch. No costs are charged for these coaching meetings. We will first hold an introductory meeting to discuss your wishes and options. We will also be able to refer you on to an external coach if necessary and/or desired.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact:

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