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ChiRunning (6x) and ChiWalking (4x)

What is ChiRunning?

In ChiRunning, the power and energy of running is combined with the inner focus and suppleness of Tai Chi. There is much less strain on the leg muscles than usual, which reduces the injury risk on hips, knees, shins, calves and Achilles tendons. The principle of ChiRunning is that through improving the running technique, weight training and power development for leg muscles is rendered unnecessary for most runners. Long-distance runners could actually put a lot less load on their leg muscles than is generally the case. ChiRunning is for everyone. There is no need to be familiar with Tai Chi or to already be running distance. Patience and dedication are the most important necessities.

BALANS now offers a course Chirunning for beginners (6 x). The language of instruction will be Dutch but the teacher can handle (a few) foreigners too.

What is ChiWalking?

Chi-walking is basically the same as chi-running, however it doesn't involve running. The focus of chi-walking is on walking technically correct to prevent injuries. You will learn the basic posture and will gain more relaxation during walks. From the base of chi-walking you can gradually move towards chi-running. Chi-walking and chi-running really complement each other and is for starting (and also when suffering overweight) a good way to start with exercising.

ChiWalking has also an additional value for those who walk long distances: you will become more aware of your way of walking and how to reduce your impact and by these means saving energy. Relaxation in your body posture is as important for walking as it is for running.

BALANS offers a course ChiWalking (4 x). The language of instruction will be Dutch but the theacher can handle (a few) foreigners too.


Here you can read an interview with one of the paticipants.

When and where

The course is taught at the athletics track of the Zernike Sports Centre (Blauwborgje).

What Where When Time
ChiWalking (4x) Athletics track (behind) the Zernike Sports Centre (Blauwborgje) 18 and 25 April, 9 and 16 May 16:30-17:30
ChiRunning beginners course (6x) Athletics track (behind) the Zernike Sports Centre (Blauwborgje) 11, 18 and 25 April, 9, 16 en 23 May 17:30-18:30


Sport’s clothing, running shoes and possibly a water bottle.


Chi walking €20,-

Chi running €30,-

Additional information

Check for more information on the course instructor, Henny Brouwer.

For more information on ChiRunning in the Netherlands, check .

Read more on running (barefoot) and ChiRunning in the column of Diederik van Hoogstraten (in Dutch) 'U bent een super duurloper' ( and in the background article from Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman in the NY Times (in English) Born, and Evolved, to Run.

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