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Improve your presentation skills

Do you dread having to give presentations to your management team? Want to make an impact with your lecture at an upcoming symposium? Would you rather someone gave the farewell speech for your departing colleague? Or do you get a knot in your stomach when you have to explain something during a meeting? Regardless of your position or background, almost everyone will have to speak in front of an audience now and again – but very few people are natural-born speakers. In this practical two-day training course, you will learn how to best convey your message.


During this training course, you will learn how to speak in a relaxed and convincing manner. You will develop your own style so that you can give an inspiring presentation that makes an impact. This course is for all UG staff members (academic and support and administrative staff) who want to learn how to improve their presentation skills. This course will make presenting fun – not just for your audience, but also for yourself.


In this practical course, you will learn by doing and will be given the chance to practise and find out what works. With feedback and tips, you will work on developing your own ‘language’ and style.

The following subjects will be covered:

  • relaxation, voice, and breathing
  • preparation
  • individual learning objectives
  • achievable goal, good feeling
  • verbal and non-verbal communication
  • personal charisma and persuasiveness
  • interaction with the audience
  • I.N.T.R.O. structure
  • dealing with difficult situations
  • PowerPoint and other aids

After the training course, you can either attend a third intensive training day or work on your presentation and slides during an additional individual coaching session.


After the training session, you will

have discovered your own personal presentation style
know how to deal with presentation fear
be able to tell a good story
be able to tailor your presentation to your audience
be able to speak in a structured way and with more confidence

What participants value about this training course and trainer:
‘I highly recommend Eva for anyone who wants to improve their oral presentation skills. The thing I really appreciated about Eva is her ability to really observe and listen to the needs of individual participants. She also has a legendary trove of practical exercises that allow her to zoom in on exactly what you need.'

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Tuesday October 15 and Tuesday November 5, 2024

9am - 5pm


Day 1
De Lichtkoepel
Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 42
9712 EL Groningen

Day 2
Norman Buiilding
Lutkenieuwstraat 5
9721 AW Groningen


UG staff members who want to learn how to improve their presentation skills

Group size

Maximum of six participants


English and Dutch

Course fee



Eva Pantelakis, presentation trainer & training actor

More information

Frederiek van Rij

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