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University Teaching Qualification (UTQ)

The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ or in Dutch, BKO) is a proof of pedagogic competence for teachers in academic education. All employees who teach courses at the University of Groningen are required to obtain this qualification. As it is a national requirement, lecturers with the UTQ certificate are considered to be qualified for academic teaching by fourteen Dutch research universities.

The UTQ certification enhances and assures the quality of academic education by focusing on four main 'competencies' of teaching:

  1. Design and redesign of courses
  2. Teaching and supervising students
  3. Testing and assessment
  4. Evaluation

Steps of the UTQ

Step 1 - Register for an intake meeting

Though a national certification program, varied pathways exist towards obtaining your qualification based on how much experience you have in the four competencies of teaching. Therefore, it is important to first register for the UTQ and have an initial intake meeting with one of our university 'Teaching Coaches' in order to map out your UTQ plan.

Exceptions Faculty of Science and Engineering and Faculty of Medical Sciences

If you are employed at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, please contact Ferdinand van der Graaf ( to register for FSE’s UTQ process, rather than using the registration link below.

If you are employed at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, please contact the Institute of Medical Education (, before using the registration link below.

After registering for the UTQ you will receive an invitation for an intake meeting within 2 to 3 weeks. In preparation of this conversation, the invitation will also include instructions about sending your teaching CV and an 'intake form.'

Step 2 - Enroll in the UTQ modules

After the intake meeting, 'regular' UTQ candidates will fill out their 'Action Plan' which contains their personal learning goals for the UTQ. Furthermore, you will enroll in three separate modules based on the UTQ competencies. Each module consists of 2 half-day workshops that include discussions with fellow teachers, educational content, and reflective UTQ assignments. These assignments from all three modules will eventually be compiled into one final ‘Teaching portfolio.’

You may register for each module separately under the 'UTQ regular' tab at the bottom of this page, but please note that you must have an intake meeting before doing so.

Step 3 - Compile your Teaching Portfolio

Throughout the program, your individual Action Plan and reflective assignments from the modules (such as teaching observations, student evaluations, etc) will be saved in a Google Drive folder that will be shared with you. These files will be arranged into your final Teaching portfolio which will be housed in a digital format. For instructions and an overview about how this works, please view the video below.

Once completed and assessed, you will have a mandatory final meeting with your Teaching Coach and possibly your department supervisor. After that, you are done with the UTQ and will receive a certificate at one of our bi-annual ceremonies.

Questions about the UTQ? Please contact Staff Development (

UTQ regular (<5 years experience in Academic Education)
Target audience Teachers of the University of Groningen with less than 5 years of experience in teaching in Higher Education.
Study load 120 -160 hours. The actual study load is variable, depending on your level of expertise at the beginning of the programme.
Duration You can complete the UTQ programme at your own pace. Preferably within 2 years after the intake meeting.
Price € 650 per module + € 750 for the intake*, guidance and assessment.
Certificate After a positive evaluation of your UTQ-portfolio by your UTQ supervisor and the review by the exam committee, you will receive your UTQ-certificate.

*These costs will only be charged if you actually start the UTQ trajectory.

The Programme & UTQ-modules

Your UTQ trajectory will begin with an intake-appointment with the advisor to inform you about the UTQ trajectory and discuss your personal learning goals and wishes for the trajectory. Afterwards, you will use this information to make an action plan, for which you will gather and formulate your personal learning goals for the programme.

During the UTQ-programme you will follow three modules:

These modules are tailored to your teaching practice and will help you further develop your teaching experience. Each module consists of 2 workshops. During these workshops you will receive didactic teaching and make several assignments. The final written assignment of your UTQ programme will be a reflection in which you look back on the trajectory as a whole and look forward to your future development as a teacher. You will then assemble the action plan, completed assignments and final reflection in the UTQ portfolio. This portfolio is assessed by an assessment committee, and further discussed in a review meeting. During this meeting you’ll reflect on your UTQ programme and future development as a university teacher. After a positive evaluation you will receive the UTQ certificate.


For the entirety of your UTQ trajectory you will be guided by an ESI advisor, who is your UTQ supervisor. This member will help you with setting up your action plan, in which you lay out your personal goals and planning for the trajectory. During the trajectory your UTQ supervisor is your person of contact for questions about the trajectory.

UTQ registration (>5 years experience in Academic Education)
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