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Student Assessor

Hannah Huber
Hannah Huber

The student assessor for the academic year 2020 to 2021 is Hannah Huber. As Student Assessor, Hannah works as an advisor to the Faculty Board. The Faculty Board consists of the Dean - Andrej Zwitter, the Managing Director - Piet Bouma, the Secretaries - Juliette Wiersma and Paula Schuit and a student member - the student assessor. They all meet on a weekly basis. Hannah keeps the Faculty Board up to date about Campus Fryslân’s students needs, challenges and wishes but also gives advice on policymaking or other student related matters. Simultaneously she communicates and explains decisions, strategies and policies to the other student bodies and student population. Essentially, the student assessor is the bridge between students and the Faculty Board.

Hannah not only joins the Faculty Board meetings but also many of their other meetings. Such as formal and informal meetings where the Faculty Board is expected to be present, or where the insight of a student assessor on student affairs and/or educational policy is necessary. As student assessor she also meets with other bodies, such as the study association, the programme director or educational policy advisor. The student assessor is part of the Committee of Assessors (CvA), which consists of all faculties' student assessor which meets weekly to discuss University of Groningen related topics and to keep each other informed. As one of Hannah’s projects she originated a working group on Mental Health and is in the process of setting up a buddy system. She is also part of the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity working group as well as of the Corona Taskforce. You can always approach her in person or via email with any questions!

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