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Gemma Frisius lecture

The Gemma Frisius lecture is organized annually to celebrate the new academic year. Prominent names in the academic world give lectures on a specific theme. UG/Campus Fryslân connects academics, students and industry in Friesland during the Gemma Frisius lecture and offers the ideal moment to network. You will find more information about the next Gemma Frisius lecture in the calendar on our homepage.

Gemma Frisiua

Gemma Frisius, born Jemme Reinerszoon, was a physician, mathematician, cartographer and philosopher. He was born in Dokkum on December 9, 1508. He studied mathematics and astronomy at  the Catholic University of Leuven. Frisius was the first to suggest the triangulation method in 1533. He was also the first to describe the trigonometry, based on the property that the triangle is completely determined by a side and the adjacent corners. His method is still used in land surveying. Inspired by Gemma Frisius' pioneering research, Campus Fryslân organizes this lecture every year.

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