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About us Campus Fryslân Research at Campus Fryslân PhD Programme PhD researchers

Current PhD candidates

The research of the Graduate School of Campus Fryslân is organized in four research programmes, the ‘Frisian Flagships’. The research of the PhD researchers fall for the larger part within these four flagships. The exception is the research within the Centre for Internationalization of Education.

Frisian Flagship 1: Governance
Name Research project
Hendriks, Abe The Politics of a Transition to a Circular Economy
Van Vulpen, Bram Regional disparities and identity politics: a socio-spatial analysis.
Rahmadian, Eko The Use of Big Data in Sustainable Tourism
Bunnik, Anno (External PhD researcher) Policing the Future? Assessing the Implementation of Big Data by UK Law Enforcement
Eren, Selen Cherishing hope beyond the ’truth’: Building a more reliable and responsible knowledge infrastructure for the naturalcultural diversity to survive
Blauth, Taís
Belloir, Alex TBA
Medema, Jeanette TBA
Frisian Flagship 2: Sustainable Economy
Name Research project
Enthoven, M.P.M. (Margo)

Entrepreneurial opportunity recognition and development for sustainability: a problem-solving approach

Greco, A. (Angela) Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Social Housing
Thelken, H.N. (Hendrik) The Organization of Value Chains in Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Eikelenboom, M. (Manon) Internal capabilities for sustainable and circular business
De Ritter, Monique (External PhD researcher) TBA
Vrenegoor, F.A. (Femke) Evaluating how the attitudes of micro and small sized accommodation entrepreneurs translate into sustainable behaviour
Dawo, Hellen Sustainable entrepreneurship: Opportunities to facilitate ecological, socio-cultural and economic development in a protected nature area.
Saral, Hüseyin Can Leadership roles in sustainable entrepreneurship and development
Golubic, Valerija TBA
Frisian Flagship 3 Culture, Language & Technology
Name Research project
Van Amelsvoort, Jesse Minorities, Migration, Mediation
Boswijk, Vincent Untangling Linguistic Salience
Dijkstra, Bianca Communication Strategies in European Logistics
Verkhodanova, Vass Recognising Parkinson’s Disease from Multilingual Voice
Frisian Flagship 4: Health & Food
Name Research project
Beumeler, Lise Personalized lifestyle intervention for recovery after critical illness
De Vries, Hilde Therapeutic potential and physiological function of infant bile acids in energy metabolism
Nijenhuis, Beorn Task Specific Dystonia in Skater's Cramp
Heeman, Wido Reducing anastomotic leakage using laser speckle contrast imaging
Visser, Edith Vitamin D in asthma and COPD - Dietary supplements to improve treatment and outcome exacerbations
Sizoo, Dionne Nutrition and outcome after bariatric surgery: focus on weight reduction, body composition and metabolism
Centre for Internationalisation of Education

The present candidates (and project) are (in various states of progress, ranging from writing their 3rd paper to forming their project):

Name Research project
Evers, Nico (External PhD researcher) Assessing how faculty-led short-term study-abroad programs enable or block (elements of) global citizenship development of US students
Hietbrink, Joëlle

Assessing intercultural competence outcomes for international business

Merola, Rachael (External PhD researcher) Social and Academic integration of Chinese, South Korean, and Indian international students in Anglophone host countries
Okken, Grada Impact of a study abroad during teacher education on professional behaviour after graduation
Van der Hoek, Klaas-Wybo (External PhD researcher) Reaction of Higher Education Institutes on government policy about transnational education in the Netherlands
Van Werven, Iris Curriculum analysis for developing student teachers’ intercultural competence
Eftekhari, Pouneh Internationalisation of the disciplines: Differences in conceptualization and implementation
Henao, Kelly International and intercultural learning: Emerging teaching practices in Latin America
Jensen, Saskia Migration Patterns in international higher education: Determinants of student mobility, migration paths and return migration
Terry, Herbert Social impact and accessibility in international higher education: Identifying enablers and inhibitors of transformative and critical international education
Li, Weiwei Willingness to share information in multi-cultural collaborative learning groups
Dianike Malay, Elok Academic and Social integration of Indonesian international students – starting Sep 2019
Pleschberger, Ingrid Is there a link between reflective functioning and the ability to develop intercultural competence?
van den Hende, Franka Explaining tensions with curriculum internationalisation; a resource-based process
Ambagts- van Rooijen, Marloes Lecturer competences for capitalizing on students’ cultural diversity in the international classroom 
Hackett, Simone COIL – Virtual Exchange in Higher Education
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