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Latest on the GUF

GUF-100 prizes 2021
Published on:05 July 2021

Last Thursday 1 July 2021 the GUF-100 Prizes were digitally awarded .....

Applications for study/travel abroad are accepted again
Published on:05 July 2021

Students can once again submit applications for internship grants for....

Grants for internships in The Netherlands
Published on:18 January 2021

Over the coming months, the Groningen University Fund (GUF) will temporarily provide grants for internships conducted in the Netherlands.

Corona measures and GUF
Published on:05 October 2020

In honoring grant applications, the GUF follows the policy of the Executive Board of the RuG.

Nieuwe bijzonder hoogleraar
Published on:19 August 2020

Per 1 augustus 2020 is dr P.G.M. Mol benoemd tot bijzonder hoogleraar ‘Drug Regulatory Science’......

Gratama Stichting
Published on:17 July 2020

Gratama Wetenschapsprijs en Gratama subsidies 2020

GUF-100 prizes 2020
Published on:07 July 2020

Last Friday 3 July 2020 the GUF-100 Prizes were digitally awarded .....

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