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Let's connect 2019

The UG hosts events for former students in cities across the world. From Groningen to Hong Kong to San Francisco, alumni meet each other in regions where many Groningen alumni reside.

The University has tight knit groups of alumni in some of these areas that are called alumni circles. They have established a local board with objectives and organize gatherings a few times per year. These meetings offer an opportunity to meet old friends and make new contacts.

We support alumni circles by offering UG representation at events. Traveling staff and board members love to interact with alumni and share UG developments. Moreover, professors and faculty members of the University provide interactive lectures and address some of the world’s most pressing challenges they are working on. The UG aims to facilitate engagement among alumni by:

  • Communicating with active alumni regularly
  • Hosting alumni networking
  • Promoting the welfare of the UG
  • Providing lectures by UG professors and faculty speakers
  • Supporting philanthropic activities of the Ubbo Emmius Fund
  • Visiting workplaces of alumni

More information

Find out what’s happening in your area by viewing the list of alumni circles, or find an overview of our events in the agenda. Interested in one of the activities above, but is there currently nothing on the agenda? Get in touch with the department of Alumni Relations and Fundraising (alumni

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