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Become an International Alumni Ambassador 2019-2020

Are you an international student graduating in 2019? You can become an Alumni Ambassador!

The University of Groningen is looking for international representatives for 2019/2020. We are calling out to international students who are in the last phase of their study program and would like to share their UG story with the world!

Profile of a UG Alumni Ambassador

  • You should be a student at the University of Groningen graduating in 2019.
  • You are enthusiastic, show initiative and have excellent social and communication skills.
  • You are willing to carry out some tasks for the University of Groningen on a voluntary basis (30-40 hours per year).

Some of those tasks could be:

  • Be a contact person for prospective students in your country, guide applicants and/or prepare students who have recently been admitted to the UG, for their time in Groningen.
  • Create an online profile as an alumni ambassador for the prospective students to get in touch with you.
  • Depending on the region, you may be asked to assist in organizing a reception in your home country - whether it is aimed at prospective students, newly admitted students or alumni.
  • Support the marketing activities of the UG (attend a university fair with UG staff or on behalf of the UG, speak at a study abroad fair or local high school or university, organize your own reception with prospective students).
  • Be an advisor and contact point of the University of Groningen.
  • Initiate and/or maintain the UG alumni network.

This is a voluntary position. We value the time of our alumni and therefore you won’t be asked to carry out activities that will take more than 40 hours per year. Furthermore, secretarial activities such as keeping a database and sending invitations will not be part of your tasks; the UG alumni office will take care of this.

2016 Meeting with the Ambassadors at Apenheul
2016 Meeting with the Ambassadors at Apenheul

Training period

You would have attend the training program in Groningen (free of charge). The activities will be planned in Spring 2019:

  • Introductory meeting (2 hours – compulsory)
  • Training sessions on promotion, networking (a few hours per workshop- compulsory)
  • Final country strategy meeting (an hour - compulsory)
  • Summer Ceremony for international graduates (5 hours compulsory on the first Friday of July)

Benefits of being a UG Alumni Ambassador

As an International Alumni Ambassador you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience, build up your CV, learn mentoring skills, strengthen your network and share your experiences. We will provide you with an alumni ambassador certificate, alumni T-Shirt, and business cards. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to network with other graduating students and possibly with top UG alumni from different countries.

How to apply?

You can send your application via the blue button below before 17 February 2019. Your application includes the following:

  1. A brief letter of motivation on why you would like to be a UG Alumni Ambassador in your country
  2. Your curriculum vitae

We will announce the selection results at the end of February.

More information?

Please have a look at our webinar that two of our current ambassadors presented.

Please feel free to mail International Alumni Relations Office at:

Current ambassadors

Read more about the current ambassadors.

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